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Sectors PDF Added

12/19/2012 15:29
As requested, a PDF of the Cathedral Sectors has been added to the Sectors page.. as . 

New Stuff

06/20/2012 19:21
We have completed the Relic Expansion. We have added the Cathedral sections themselves adding a 3D element to the gameplay for the Siege of the Cathedral.  We have also finished the Army Cards under the Cathedral Expansion.  The only items left are Sections 8 and 9 and the Missions...

Art Cards Added!

02/22/2012 23:02
Brotherhood Art Cards added to the Siege of the Cathedral Game.  These can be used for the Brotherhood Doomtroopers as well.  The Force Card Back for the Brotherhood has also been added.  Today marks the day of a pause in our work due to observation of Lent.  Return back after...

Dark Legion Necrotechnology Reference Card Released

02/17/2012 23:40
The Necrotech Reference Card has been released under the Necrotech section of the Siege of the Cathedral mission set.  This card gives an overview of how each weapon works.  The Void Cannon hits targets just like the Tormentor Flame Thrower yet target who die explode hitting surrounding...

Overview Page Update

02/15/2012 23:43
The Overview page has been updated with new graphics and an easier to follow interface.  Hopes this helps with navigation to the various parts of the website.


02/14/2012 22:10
Necrotech cards have been updated with a couple new additions.


02/06/2012 21:17
Necrotech cards have now been posted for the Cathedral missions as the Dark Legion.  Hopefully these will go well with the game and make for many nights of fun.

Sector 7 - The Meditation Room

01/17/2012 21:30
The inner chambers of the high Cardinal have been completed.  Within these walls lies the Cardinal himself fast asleep.

Sector 6 - The Catacombs

01/16/2012 21:04
Sector 6 is now complete!  The Brotherhood houses their dead within the confines of the sectors underneath the cathedral.  Each body is carefully wrapped in linen with spices and sealed inside a coffin.  This is the perfect place for the Dark Legion to strike through the arousal of...

Sector 5 - The Torture Chamber

11/09/2011 23:12
It keeps getting better yet.  The Brotherhood's secret torture chamber has been complete.  It includes new lava tiles which can only be traversed with items such as teleport or Capitol's Jet Pack (see the Corporate Expansion) but can easily be fired over as it does not restrict...
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