Cartel Expansion

The Cartel, a merchant type of force that joins whomever they wish whenever they wish, are ultimately responsible for the Corporations united front to stave off the Dark Legion in the Siege of the Citadel.  Now even their enforcement services wishes to lend a hand in the fight.


  • Paparazzi - turns pictures of the Legion into credits, if he survives the mission
  • War Medic - a roaming medical injector, he can heal those next to him for 1 action
  • Apostate - once connected to the Dark Legion, he can still use their power
  • Colonel Harding - a master of tactics, he can activate during the Dark Legion's turn
  • Agent Nick Michaels - a man of connections, he can obtain equipment from any Megacorporation or Tribe bunker


Doomtrooper players may hire the Cartel to join their Doomtroopers.  The appropriate Rank must be met and the Credits must be on hand as the Cartel does nothing unless Credits are present first.  Credits are returned back to the player once the mission is complete.  Should the Cartel figure die, the Credits are lost and not returned.

Cartel figures move in the same turn as the player's Doomtroopers except for Colonel Harding who may act with the Corporation or during the Dark Legion turn but not both.  Each has their own set of Extra Actions, dice, and health separate from the Doomtroopers.  Weapon's may be obtained from the Equipment Bunker as normal for each.

Cartel Expansion Items