Frequently Asked Questions

How do I implement these expansions into my game?

Short answer:

 As you see fit.

Long answer:

 Select each picture and allow it to load.  Select the picture again to bring up the full size.  Right click the image and select Save.  Save the image into any folder you've made marked for Mutant Chronicles.  Place images onto a Word document or take them to a local Print shop.  Print them off on card stock.  Character templates are a little thicker than the playing cards.  Should you print them yourself, use card stock and spray glue to join multiple layers of card together to achieve the desired thickness.  Lay the image onto the layers last.  Allow to dry before cutting with a hobby knife and straight edge.  For double sided pieces such as cards, use pins outside of the image to line up one image to the other image side before placing on card stock.  After one image is glued to the card stock, poke pins through card and place prepunctured second image to back.  Viola!  Your card is in line!

How do I purchase these expansions?

 Considering the expansions are fan made, they are not for sale but can be printed on your printer or at a local print shop.  Images can be left mouse clicked.  Once open, to receive the full image, left click again.  The image can then be saved through a right click upon the image.  Figurines are for purchase at Prince August but the Siege of the Cathedral website has no affiliation with Prince August.  Sole rights to Mutant Chronicles appear to remain in Paradox Entertainment's possession at this time.

Isn't it kinda weird to play as the Dark Legion to attack the Brotherhood?

 The Brotherhood has fallen into Darkness already within the scenario and has brought the problem upon themselves.  The Dark Legion represents a physical manifestation of the problems mankind faces when individuals and eventually the masses turn from the truth and light.  It is expected that players will consider this and maintain composure in the gameplay considering this still to be a game and not reality.

What else has been produced pertaining to Mutant Chronicles?

 Recently a Canadian movie entitled Mutant Chronicles has been released by Magnet Releasing in 04/04/2009.  A collectible miniatures tabletop game called Mutant Chronicles was also released in 2008 by Fantasy Flight Games but was discontinued by a letter to the fans in 04/09/2009 (  See the video here for this latest release:


When was Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel released?

 Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel was released in 1993.

Where can I get the original game, Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel?

The original game may be purchased on eBay or downloaded through here.

Who are you?

 We have been fans of this game since its release to Kay Bee Toys many years ago playing many nights through the campaign while jeering, yelling, and reveling in victories.

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