Relic Expansion

Artifacts gathered from across the universe, each force will find an artifact for itself and a few others as well.  This expansion brings into play powerful wepaons and equipment that can be the focus of each Force on the board to control.


Relic cards are introduced into campaigns at the same time Secondary Mission cards are used.  Within each Sector where the Citadel or Cathedral is placed, once Relic Card is placed face down along with the Force card(s) within the Sector.  The figure who clears the last enemy from the Sector may use an Action to obtain the undisclosed Relic Card.  The card is immediately revealed to every player. 

Unless discarded, Relic Cards are brought into each new mission without cost.  Relics may be transferred between a player's figures in-between missions but never between players unless specified upon a special card. 

Some relics are not able to be used by the player who obtains it.  Examples include a relic which is a Close Combat weapon but the figure requires a Fire Combat weapon or a relic which can only be used by the Dark Legion.  These relics are carried by the figure until the mission's end at which time the card is returned to the Relic Card pile and the pile is reshuffled.  Should any figure carrying a relic die before the mission's end, the relic is transferred to the attacker even if the attacker used Fire Combat.  The player may choose to discard a relic only in-between missions at which time the Relic Card is discarded from the campaign.

Relic Expansion Items